Stretching an image with photoshop CS5


Extending images can be very tricky, here is a tutorial that will help you extend an image without distorting it.

Step 1

– After opening the image in photoshop CS5, Duplicate your image by going to layers and on right click select duplicate layers. [fig 1]

– Then flip one layer by using transform controls [ Edit- transform – flip horizontal ] [ fig 1.1]

fig 1

Screen shot 2012-03-10 at 11.29.09

fig 1.1


-We only require the right and left part of the image to make the extension, so on the duplicate layer, delete the middle portion of the image  leaving aside only the ends.

-Then cut and paste the right end so that it adds by default to another layer.

3.  Now that we have patched the layers,  we need to make sure they are one image, so we merge them by selecting all layers at once and then go to layers menu – merge layers. We merge the layers as we need to edit them.[ fig 3]

fig 3

4.  Zoom into the image, where we have placed, to get rid of this collage look, click on patch tool from the tool bar, then select the area you want to remove and replace it with the other background, just as the below image. Do this till you have covered most of the collage. [fig 3.1]

fig 3.1

5. In this case we need more than the patch tool to fix the collage effect, so we use the clone tool- from the tool bar to clone all the missing area so the image looks like one scene.[ fig 3.2]

fig 3.2

6. In this case we have a reflection, so to make a reflection, cut the top half of the image and paste  [you can find these functions in the edit menu], then rotate it with the transform controls to  180 degrees and then flip horizontal. Do the same for the other end. Then erase any unwanted parts and merge layers. [fig6]


7. Once its merge you can edit the using the patch tool and the clone tool. [fig7]



Final image


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Posted: June 17, 2013


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