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At a time when, more often than not, checklists, errands, inquiries and so many other things are addressed online while on-the-go, it is becoming increasingly essential to facilitate this unrelenting trend. We are now at a point in time when things have to be made instantly available at the click of a button. And it is not just lightening speed that users have now come to expect, it is also unwavering quality that they want as well.

This is where the responsive website comes into play. A few years ago it was typical for a mobile device user to have to deal with the undying frustration of trying to go through a website designed to be browsed on a desktop computer or a portable laptop. In more recent years, the emergence of responsive design has come to the rescue of the growing number of unsatisfied mobile device users.

A responsive website is one that adjusts based on the resolution of the device from which it is being accessed.  This allows for optimized browsing given the large number of screen resolutions we have nowadays.  
Having a responsive website ensures that all users accessing your website are getting the best possible browsing experience, specially those accessing it using mobile devices.

To put things in perspective, 60 percent of Internet access tends to be mobile.  So it kind of makes sense to take that extra step and pay attention to 60 percent of potential clients. For all you know people might have an insatiable appetite for your product, so make sure you don't miss out on that segment simply because you have been missing out on what is now a readily available and increasingly necessary feature.




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Posted: February 9, 2015


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