Editing photos using Photoshop CS5


Taking pictures is a great way to preserve memories. However, some times beautiful moments are captured poorly.  Fortunately, this tutorial shall explore this area and attempts to offer quick fixes.

Lets take the image below as an example. Due to the lighting direction most of the shadow is captured on the subject.  Let’s see how we can fix this image using photoshop.


Step 1

After you have opened your image in  Photoshop CS5 , click on  images- adjustment- shadow/ highlights


2. Once its open change the filters accordingly to see the desired result.

3. That shadow seems just right but the picture has a little bit of dullness, hence i choose curves filter from the image menu, [ image- adjustments- curves], this will allow me to balance the highlights, midtones and the shadows more efficiently.

4. Now to adjust the colors to a more warmer tone, go to image- adjustments-color balance, Adjust to achieve your desired result.

5. Here is the final outcome of my picture



After Editing:







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Posted: March 27, 2012


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