Smart-Charge Your Smart Phone


Let’s face it…we’ve all had those days when all the elements appear to be conspiring against us. It might begin with forgetting to charge the indispensable smartphone ahead of what is going to be a long, busy day. This could very easily lead to a cascading effect, thereby resulting in an inefficient and unproductive day. One possible solution can be spotted in shopping centres throughout downtown Frankfurt where one can find a number of small compartments stacked on top of each other, looking like mini lockers. Each compartment is designed to securely house and recharge a variety of smartphones ranging from iPhones to Blackberries to Nokia and Samsung devices.


With such charger boxes readily available at high-traffic venues, one need only place his/her phone into a compartment, plug it in to the charger, and lock the compartment with the key placed on each individual box. That way, even on days when we’ve been too busy to remember charging our phones, we would not have to waste valuable time confining ourselves to sitting in that dreaded little corner somewhere in a coffeeshop while waiting for our devices to recharge. Instead we could run errands with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our smartphones are safe and sound and their batteries are getting that oh-so-essential juice that they need.


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Posted: December 10, 2013


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