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Going online; it is no longer a matter of if but rather a burning question of when. If your business does not have a "www" address to it then you are most likely missing out on a significant clientele list. The ever-growing size of online business is astounding and shows no real signs of slowing down, consequently, many companies, big and small, are taking their business to the worldwide web.

While establishing an online business and whether it is services, products, or both that you are offering, you will undoubtedly have to take several aspects into consideration. For starters, you will need to ensure that there is sufficient traffic heading to your website. In order to make this happen you will have to test out at least a couple of website versions before you make a final decision; this testing phase can help reveal what kind of website users and potential clients prefer.

In testing out a few versions, you will be able to better conclude which of those versions allows for smaller 'bounce' rates, leaving more people interested in checking out your website rather than simply hitting the 'back' button before giving the homepage any real chance of making a lasting impression.

Furthermore, a testing phase would reveal which version leads to a more desirable 'conversion rate', which indicates just what percentage of users are going beyond the initial homepage and taking the time to further explore the site. This could naturally translate into better business and healthier returns from your venture's online presence. It is as such very crucial to bear in mind that while having an aesthetically pleasing website design is valuable, it is the testing process and the numbers that it reveals that can prove to be truly invaluable to a business.



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Posted: February 14, 2015


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